About us

Our main business is waste management equipment maintenance and repair. As a client of Compo Service you never need to worry about different jobs in different places. We can sufficiently perform them.

We have had contact with all the common waste management equipment in Estonia. This includes vertical and horizontal ball presses, combined and separable presses, multi lift containers, tilt devices, crushers, conveyors and other possible devices for waste management. In addition to a long term practice, we have over time developed good relationships with various manufacturers in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. So when there is a concern about the functioning of the device or the need for a specific spare part, feel free to contact us and ask for help.

Lisaks tööd, mida teostame:

Metal work
We are mainly specialized in small scale and mobile works. For example the exchange of press and container bottoms and rails. We also carry out the restoration of crusher drums, blades, blade bases, covering details with solid carbide. We have made maintenance platforms, hoppers, rebuilt combined and separable presses, restored conveyors.
Repair, maintenance and manufacturing of hydraulics systems
We are very well acquainted with complex hydraulic systems as well and own hydraulic pump test devices. You don’t know if the cylinder is fine - no problem, we have the knowledge and means to test and repair all cylinders. If it comes clear that the repairing of the old cylinder does not justify itself, we will make a new one.
Equipment installation with necessary construction work
We install a wide variety of equipment, starting from combined press guide rail installation to compressor houses, underground presses and reloading facilities. There is no need to worry about preliminary work. Let’s make a deal and do it!
Repair, maintenance and manufacturing of automatics systems
Finding press automatic flaws is something we do daily, but quite often we look for mistakes in controller driven systems as well. If necessary we will prepare new automation. We have written programs for different devices, such as reloading facilities, combined and separable presses, peat presses, conveyor line nodes, ball presses, central heating furnaces, food chip feeding systems, crushers. We own controller programming cables and software from various manufacturers. We have the most experience with controllers from manufacturers such as Eaton, Siemens, Unitronics.
Evaluation of waste management equipment
Thanks to our long term experience we have a good outlook on the waste management equipment market. We have evaluated crushers, presses, transport line systems, containers.
We have performed evaluation works for businesses equipment throughout the field.
Rent and sale of waste management equipment
Some of our clients have too much or not enough equipment, some too big or too small. We can help. We buy old devices and offer new ones considering present and future needs. Mixing different devices, we can offer a solution for most situations that occur in the waste management field.